Coffee Bean Company in Australia

Coffee Bean Company in Australia

Tea Brewing Tips

Here’s our tips for brewing the perfect tea.

Warm your tea cup or pot, it does make a difference and only takes a minute
Do not over boil the water as it will drain the water of oxygen.
Do not brew your tea for too long as this is often the cause of a bitter aftertaste.
Brew large leaf black teas for approx 3-5 min whilst finer cuts brew between 2-4 min
Milk can be added to all black teas, but we do recommend that you try our black teas without milk as the milk can mask the delicate flavour of some teas.
Sugar and honey is up to the individual person and perfectly ok to add to your tea.

Ice Tea

Any tea can be made iced, but fruit infusions and flavoured teas are exceptional as they make a great natural and refreshing drink ideal in the warmer months and a great thirst quencher.
• Generally you will need approx 1 tablespoon of tea or Infusion per litre of water.
This will depend on the leaf size.
• Use cold water on tea leaves as hot water will increase bitterness.
• Leave in fridge for at least 4-8 hrs, but for best results leave overnight.
• Serve over Ice, add lemon or citrus slices, fruit or mint leaves.
• Add a little honey or sugar syrup as this brings out the fruity flavour.
• Sugar Syrup – combine equal parts sugar and boiling water., stir until dissolved.

Chai Tea

Chai is from Northen India/Kashmir.
This tea is brewed with 50% water 50% milk

Pour tea (1 teaspoon per cup)into saucepan, add milk & water, bring to boil, serve in tall glass with sugar